Piperacillin Sodium Injection

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Gumalon resin 17#

● Made by C9 fraction,a by- product of ethylene, ● Its appearance is transparent granular or flakes with color range from light yellow to dark brown. ● It has the properties of good solubility,compatibility,water resistance,insulation and very good chemical stability against acid and alkali. ● It also has a good adhesive strength and lower heat conduction,etc.as well. ● It is usually used as tackifier,accelerant,regulator,modifier etc.,together with other resins. ● Normally this product is suitable for coating,paints,printing ink,adhesive,rubber assistant agent and modified resin,etc.

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C5 Aliphatic resin (adhesive type)

● Light color and good transparence ● No smell(odorless) ● Good heating stability ● Solubility in various solvents ● Fine filtration ● Narrow polydispersity and excellent compatibility with EVA, PE, Poly isobutylene, Terpene resin, Petroleum wax, Rosin wax, Natural rubber, SBS, Butyl, SIS, SEBS, PB, DOP plasticizer, Poly isoprene, PP.

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C5 Petroleum Resin(hydrogenated)

● Broad compatibility with numerous elastomers,polymers,and other tackifying resins ● Consistent quality ● Excellent heat stability ● Light to water-clear color ● Odorless

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Factory Audit

Before placing an order with a new manufacturer it is important to ensure that your quality specifications are fully understanding, and that the supplier has adequate production capability, working conditions, management and quality control processes. However, manufacturers and importers need reassurance and advice on the capabilities of their current production facilities. FCT will designate local auditors to undertake this evaluation.


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