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Product Code : JTS-2500
Brand Name : sdjtec
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  • 1 Set
Product Description

Main Features

1. The automated sealing of insulating glass units is a crucial step in improving product quality and increasing the number of produced units. It carries out the final sealing of the Insulating Glass panels, providing accurate sealing of the angles and assuring high operating speed and throughput.

2. The slanted transport system, which has no contact with the panels during the sealing phase, minimizes panel smears, reduces friction on glass sheets and allows to process big and heavyweight units.

3. This system has PC based control panel that replaces all the manual functions, for user-friendly machine operation.

4. Double glass sealing (polysulphide , silicon or both material on one machine)

5. Triple glass can be processed in one time sealing

6. Finishing coating IG units can be stored on the third conveyor and increases efficiency

7. Economical and practical adapt to glass deep processing enterprises

8. Friendly, succinctly, easily designed of interface makes convenient for operation

9. Servo motor controlled system

10. Smoothly convey and accurately positioning for the glass by belt conveyor

11. Unique V-belt transmission to reduce the viscose of the belt and keep cleaning of the glass edges

12. All parts with high standard ensure the stability of the equipment

13. 2 components working system which able to change material from Polysulphide to Silicon or Silicon to Polysulphide easily by control panel (Optional)

14. Two components can be used as follows: Polysulphide and Polysulphide, Polysulphide and Silicon or Silicon and Silicon.

15. Dynamic mixer with a handling capacity of 6l/min regardless of the selected sealing material

16. Highest application speed of 60m/min at maximum flow rate

17. Completely homogenous sealing of the material through active, two way mixing of the components

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