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Instrument For Nucleic Acid Extraction Columns& Plates

Instrument For Nucleic Acid Extraction Columns& Plates
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Product Code : 0000
Brand Name : bmspd
Product Description

Solid Phase Extraction Instrument,Vacuum Manifold

Function:Compound solid phase extraction, target sample filtration, adsorption, separation, extraction, purification and concentration

Purpose:It works well with multi-well plates, enabling filtration and extraction at the same time, and can be used in nucleic acid purification, solid phase extraction, protein precipitation.

Channel No.: 12-24-48-96 cartridges, 96&384 well plates

Extraction method: Negative pressure

Specification: Applicable to 2ml,15ml, 50ml, 300ml nucleic acid extraction columns, 24&96 &384 well plates or other specifications

Printing LOGO:OK

Mode of supply:OEM/ODM

Order information

★ 12/24 Vacuum Manifold

★ 96/384 Vacuum Manifold

★ Compatible Type Vacuum Manifold(Suitable for nucleic acid columns&plates)

★ OtherVacuum Manifolds accept customer customization.

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