High Precision Battery Test System To Charge Discharge Batteries

High Precision Battery Test System To Charge Discharge Batteries
High Precision Battery Test System To Charge Discharge Batteries
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Product Code : Neware
Product Description

Key Technology Parameters:

  • Voltage Range:-5V~5V
  • Lowest Discharge Voltage:0.7V
  • Voltage Testing Precision:±0.02%

Multi-current Range:

  • Range 1: 30nA  150uA
  • Range 2: 150uA  5mA
  • Range 3: 5mA  150mA
  • Range 4: 150mA  5A
  • Current Testing Precision:±0.02%
  • Charge Mode: Constant Current, Constant Voltage, Constant Current and Constant Voltage, Constant Power, Constant Resistance
  • Discharge: Constant Current, Constant Power, Constant Resistance
  • Simulation: Constant Current, Constant Power
  • End Conditions: Voltage, Current, Step Time, Capacity, Energy and other defined variable

Key Features:

  • GSM Testing
  • DCIR Testing
  • HPPC Testing
  • Capacity Testing
  • Cycle Life Testing
  • Testing Data Analysis


  • Neware Monitor Software has the function that user can set current voltage capacity temperature etc. Parameters,this will help user avoid over charging,over discharging and over heating during charging discharging coin cell in a test program.
  • At Monitor Software,user could fill Creator Remarks and backup testing data before starting a testing program.This will hope protect battery testing data.
  • Neware battery tester utilizes LAN as the main framework to transfer data. This provides the most flexibility and reliablity to your system deployment.When you look down into Neware batter, its unique Middle Machine architecture provides another enhancement layer to the data security issue. Moreover, this MM is an embedded system that allows you run tests even your LAN is down.
  • All Newer Battery Tester are internet version,user could monitor button cell testing progress running in Lab at anywhere have internet.
  • Neware battery Tester hardware has the function of Anti-reverse connection,in case user connect battery anode to Battery Tester cathode.


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