Engineering Machinery Spring

Engineering Machinery Spring
Engineering Machinery Spring
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1. according to the different characteristics of load at work, helical springs can be divided into three types: compression, tension and torsion.

2. according to the structural characteristics, it can be divided into two categories: cylindrical helical spring and variable diameter helical spring.

3. according to its shape characteristics, it can be divided into conical, scroll, concave and convex shapes.

4. in production and use, the spiral spring can also be divided into two types: large spiral spring and small spiral spring according to the forming method and the diameter of the material. The former is usually hot forming, and the latter is cold forming.

5. other classifications

The type of spiral spring is more, and can be divided according to the external type.

Ordinary cylindrical helical spring;

Variable diameter helical spring.

According to the direction of the spiral line, it can be divided into:

Left-handed spring;

A right-handed spring.

The variable diameter helical springs are divided into conical helical springs, spiral coil springs, and concave helical springs.

Cylindrical helical springs are simple in structure, easy to manufacture and widely used. Its characteristic line is straight line, it can be used as compression spring, stretching spring and torsion spring. When the load is large and the radial size is limited, two different diameter compression springs can be used together to form a combined spring.

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