CNC Automatic Lathe Machine

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Gear Hobbing Machines Y3150

Gear Hobbing Machines Y3150 1. Machining for spur gear, helical gear and short spline shaft, with high and stable accuracy; 2. With both Clockwise and Counter-clockwise Axial feed; 3. Adopt integrated control for hydraulic and electrical system, also, with PLC for electrical control; 4. Equipped with safety system and automatic system, with auto-stop function; 5. Easy for adjustment, and suitable for large scale production. 6. Gear hobbing machines are intended for hobbing spur and helical gears as well as worm wheels. 7. The machines permit cutting by climbing hobbing method, in addition to conventional hobbing method, to raise the productivity of the machines. 8. A rapid traverse device of hob slide and an automatic shop mechanism are provided on the machines allowing several machines to be handled by one operator. 9. The machines are easy in operation and convenient to be maintained.

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Universal Milling Drilling Machine ZX6350ZB

UNIVERSAL DRILLING MILLING MACHINE Hardened and ground table surface. Automatic feeds on X,Y Axis,motorized lifting and falling of table on Z axis. Vertical milling head is gear driven and mechanical feeding; It can swivels ±45°;. Easy exchanging between horizontal and vertical milling.

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CNC Flat Bed Lathe Machine CK6140D

DESCRIPTION OF GOODS THE CNC system is GSK980TDC, With both horizontal and vertical structure. With 8.4-inch color LCD, can control the five feed axis (including Cs axis), 2 analog spindle, the minimum unit of 0.1μm. and also can be make in Chinese, English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese and other languages for different country customers. Xaxis and Z axis are controlled by the semi-closed loop. It is drived by the servo motor to drive the precision ball leadscrew to achieve fast shifting and rapid feeding.Ballscrew is C3 degree with high precision. All electric part all passed CE approve. The machine with 4 position too post which brand is very famour in China,high positioning accuracy, high strength, good shock resistance. Before machine leave factory,we have to pass stric inspection.every machine all test the positioning accuracy and repeatability accuracy of X AXIS and Z AXIS by laser interferometer to ensure machine’s precision. Machine adopts Centralized lubrication of famous brand “HERG”from Japan.headstock lubrication adopts Taiwan Po Teng cycloid pump forced circulation lubrication The bed adopts Resin sand molding, high-quality cast iron casting, width of bed 312mm, guide way fired depth is up to 3mm, improving wear resistance and stability Spindle structure using front and rear ends of the typical structure of two points of support, with high rigidity. Main drive for the second gear stepless frequency control, speed range of 21 ~ 1600r / min The design of headstock fully consider the cooling measures and shock absorption mechanism, making headstock with low noise, high precision transmission characteristics.

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CNC Milling Machine XK7136 XK7136C

CNC MILLING MACHINE FEATURES: High-speed spindle unit from Taiwan, The frequency stepless speed regulation Suit for Small parts of the high-precision, Highly efficient automatic processing Fanuc 0i mate, GSK-928mA/983M or KND-100Mi/1000MA CNC system

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Turning And Boring Lathe C5123 C5125 C5131

VERTICAL LATHE FEATURES: 1. This machine is suitable for machining of all kinds of industries. It can process external column face, circular conical surface,head face, shotted, severance of car wheel lathe. 2. Working table is to adopt hydrostatic guideway. The spindle is to use NN30( Grade D) bearing and able to turn precisely,Bearing capacity of bearing is good. 3. Gear case is to use 40 Cr gear of gear grinding. It has high precision and little noise. Both hydraulic part and electrical equipment are used famous-brand products in China. 4. Plastic coated guide ways are wearable.Centralized lubricating oil supplying is convenient. 5. Foundry technique of lathe is to use lost foam foundry (short for LFF) technique. Cast part has good quality.

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Knee-Type Milling Machine X5746 X5750 X5750A

HEAVY CUTTING RAM MILLING MACHINE FEATURES: Universal ram milling machine Head can swivel 360 degree It can mill any angle surface through front half-sphere by swivelling milling head Table 3 axes with ball screws, high precision

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CYLINDRICAL GRINDING MACHINE FEATURES: The machine is mainly used for grinding small axle, round set, the needdle valve, piston, etc Taper surface, tapered face. Tooling way may be top, three claws chuck, spring card head and special jig realized. Apply to instrument, automobile, mechanical and electrical, bearings, textile, ship, sewing machines, tools, etc processing small parts.The machine working longitudinal mobile has hydraulic and manual. The grinding wheel frame and head frame all can turn. Hydraulic system USES the good performance of gear.The machine suitable for tools, maintence workshop and small and medium-sized batch production workshop for the machine according to the top is divided into 300mm.

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Air Hammer C41-75

AIR HAMMER PRODUCT FEATURES: The air hammer is easy operation ,flexible movement and convenient to transit , installation ,maintenance ,the type is widely used for various of free forging works , such as drawing out ,upsetting ,punching ,chiseling .forging welding ,bending and twisting . It is also used for open die forging in bolster dies. it is suitable for free forging works of all kinds of different shape parts , especially suitable for village township enterprise and self-employed forge small agriculture tools . For example sickle ,horseshoes ,Spike ,hoe etc . At the same time ,the industrial enterprise use the air hammer to forge the steel ball , scaffold and many other factories and mines ,construction supplies . In addition the series air hammer is very commonly professional blacksmith’s iron tools that can install all kinds of mould to forge a variety iron flowers ,birds and other beautiful decoration.

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Profile Bender ERBM10HV

MACHINE CHARACTERISTICS Hardened bending shafts of special steel. Profitable quality to price ratio. Mechanical system of upper clamp feeding. Ground and hardened directional rollers on both sides. Position readout in millimetres on scale. Possibility of horizontal and vertical operation.

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Boring Machine T8210D

DESCRIPTION OF GOODS: Con-Rod Bushing Boring Machine T8210D for engine rebuild Berco type Con-rod boring machine has good performance,better structure,easy operation and high accuracy and can meet customer’s demand. The machine is mainly used in boring rod bushing hole (rod bushing and copper bush) of diesel and gasoline engine of automobiles and tractors. In case of necessity,rod bushing seat hole can be fine-bored. The rough and fine boring processing for the holes on other parts can be also completed after changing the corresponding clamps. Besides,it has the accessories for centering sectifying tools,boring tools and micro-adjustment tools holder etc.


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