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Grid Frame of Coal Shed Stockyard

The space truss structure has large span, high clearance, meets the storage and operation space, and has a magnificent atmosphere without losing its beauty. It is a more suitable choice for dry coal shed.

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Steel grid structure of Gymnasium

The roof of gymnasium requires large span, large space, and good wind resistance, snow resistance and seismic performance. The lattice structure caters to this characteristic appropriately. Therefore, the lattice structure of gymnasium accounts for more than 80% of the whole roof structure of gymnasium.

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Roof steel grid structure

The roof steel grid structure is generally over the shared space of a building, or as a cover of a large public space. In the first case, the roof material is usually daylighting material, such as glass, sunshine board, membrane structure cloth, etc. The second case requires the roof space truss to have large span and large bay, so as to increase the activity space as much as possible.

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Flat slip steel structure grid

Flat slip steel structure grid Construction area of 110,000 square meters 35 kg of steel per square meter Total span of 150 meters Height 21.5 meters Construction period of 5 months 84 people in construction This grid structure spans 150 meters from north to south. Sliding technology is used to greatly enhance the space. The resources are saved. The steel volume is broken to break the traditional steel structure mode. There is no inter-column support in the middle. The construction period is short and saves time compared to traditional steel structures. The improvement of quality in the cooperation of technology greatly reduces the cost of traditional steel structures.

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Spherical steel structure grid frame

Our company’s steel structure grid raw material procurement, grid production and processing, grid design and installation, are independently completed. Using high-quality steel beads, professional design, professional engineering team installation, safe and reliable quality, durable.

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Steel space truss of factory building

The space truss structure of large-span workshop creates bright and spacious workplaces, improves the utilization ratio of space by at least 20%. The layout of production lines or goods is more flexible. Forklift trucks and transport vehicles do not have the worries of crashing into pillars. Workshop operation is safer.

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Stadium Stand Steel Grid Structure

Stadium stands are full of flowers in the form of space truss structure, but space truss structure is unique in all structures because of its excellent cost performance, convenient installation performance and high safety.

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Flat steel structure grid frame

The use of jacking technology for the overall structure of the jacking technology saves time. Make a high contribution to improving safety 20000 square meters Span 66 meters, height 26 meters 48 kg of steel per square meter 60 days of construction Project name car storage area

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Space truss structure of gas station

Gas stations have short construction period, high cost performance, good wind and snow resistance, accounting for more than 80% of the roof of gas stations. Bolted spherical joints are almost used in the grid structure of gas stations, and the workload of field welding is very small, which has irreplaceable advantages for the transformation of old gas stations.


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