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3210 Intelligent Pressure Switch Pump 12V DC 4-Minute 20mm Pipeline Surge Pump

3210 Intelligent Pressure Switch Pump 12V DC 4-Minute 20mm Pipeline Surge Pump
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Product Code : 0000
Brand Name : let-dcpump
Product Description
Farm/yacht/rv/caravan pressurized water system
Sprayer clamp (vehicle sprayer, electric sprayer)
Cleaning machine, humidifier, water purification, medical equipment
Food and beverage filling and liquid transportation
Any other pressurization system
How does the diaphragm pump work?
The pump is driven by an ac or dc motor
At the front of the motor is a valve assembly consisting of two to five valve pump cavities. Each chamber has a diaphragm behind it, located in the lower pump housing. As the motor shaft rotates, the internal CAM behind the diaphragm pushes the diaphragm forward, and then back in a continuous sequence, creating a suction. When this suction is formed, the fluid passes through the inlet and enters the outlet through various valve cavities
The flow rate is determined by several factors, including the number and size of the pump chamber, CAM offset, operating pressure, and fluid viscosity
Bo this diaphragm pump USES the high quality permanent magnet motor, a new material, all copper core, 30 pump accessories are all made of high quality accessories, exquisite workmanship, complete testing equipment, management norms, peer lowest repair rate, perennial supporting rv industry, yacht industry, spray washing industry enterprises, product quality, won the European Union CE certification, ROHS certification, SGS certification, and exported to Europe, North America and other regions. Welcome friends from all walks of life consultation and regular cooperation.
The intelligent pump is equipped with pressure switch. As long as the water outlet does not spray water, the motor will not work, saving water and electricity and avoiding the loss of the machine.
Bo miniature dc diaphragm pumps this company taking advantages of self-priming pump and chemical pump, using a variety of imported materials synthesis of corrosion, has the function of self-priming, thermal protection, stable running, can continuous idle for a long time, can be long time continuous load operation, small volume, small current, high pressure, low noise, long service life, delicate design, good and inexpensive, oil, heat resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance and other properties. The pump body is separated from the motor. There is no mechanical part or wear in the pump body.


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